Wicklow Lodge No 748

The first account we have of a Lodge of Freemasons in Wicklow is contained in a minute bookmarked No. 1 in the year 1800. .


It would seem that Lodge 748 – under its original Warrant dated 1800 – ceased to operate after 1842.


At a preliminary meeting held on the 4th August 1876, at “Castle Ville”, Wicklow Town, the residence of Brother Waddy Swan, it was resolved: “That the necessary steps having been accordingly taken, a memorial for the issue of a Warrant be presented, and all requisites complied with. A further meeting was held in the Court House, Wicklow, on the 25th day of September 1876. Eleven Brethren were present and all paid a sum of £1/1s each and were unanimously admitted and enrolled as Members of the proposed Lodge”

The Constitution of Lodge 748 was held on Ash Wednesday, 13th March 1877, at the Bridge Hotel, Wicklow.                                                                          

Among the Brethren at that time was a Capt. Halpin, who was a brother of the famous Capt. R.C. Halpin, also a member of the Masonic order. (Initiated in Merchants Lodge 294, Liverpool 7th Aug 1857) The more famous of the brothers, R.C Halpin was noted for his skill as a Captain of cable laying ships and is revered in Wicklow town as something of a local hero. He was known to have visited Lodge 748 on occasions, and there are records of letters sent to the Secretary of Lodge 748 by his widow, thanking the Brethren, Officers and Master of Lodge 748 for their sympathy on the death of Brother, Capt. R.C. Halpin.

Initially the Lodge met at the Bridge Hotel, but this was only temporary and they subsequently met at the Men's Association in Church St, as well as various other rented premises. Following a period of relative prosperity the Brethren succeeded in 1935, with the purchase of a Hall of their own. This was at 11 Leitrim Place, costing the princely sum of 500 pounds. Eventually this building fell into a poor state of repair and following much discussion it was sold. For some years thereafter the Lodge met in the Cullenmore Hotel, Ashford, but in 1994 the members were successful in the purchase of a new Hall, "Bluewaters", at Church Hill, Wicklow, where they have continued up to the present time

It is fitting that mention should be made here of our late Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother, Lt. Frederick C. Cowper, who sadly passed to the Grand Lodge above in 1986 and who was replaced by one of our own Brethren, Right Worshipful Brother W.W. Hughes, under whose expert guidance, both the province and Lodge 748 in particular, continued to flourish. 

The Lodge rooms have continued to be updated and maintained to a high standard and we now have rooms that we can be justly proud of. The building consists of not only a Lodge room but also a dining room, ante room, kitchenette and toilet facilities. We have many historical pictures and Masonic regalia on display, including Eaton Halpin’s Masonic apron.

Wicklow Lodge No 748