St Georges Lodge 270

St. George's Lodge No. 270 was constituted on 13th February 1871. Following the constitution Brother George Collins Roberts was installed as the first Worshipful Master. At that time the Lodge met in premises on Castle Hill, and it was agreed to meet on the 2nd Monday of each month, at 7.00 p.m. After labour, the Brethren dined together at Nuzum's Hotel.


The title St. George's was in honour of the Lodges first Worshipful Master, the above George Collins Roberts. Later that year W. Bro. Roberts presented the Lodge with a valuable silver trowel, as a mark of his appreciation.


During the succeeding years the fortunes of the Lodge rose and fell until, in 1905, a letter was received giving notice to quit the Lodge rooms. A committee approached the trustees of the Erasmus Smith School and it was eventually agreed that the lodge should pay 10/- monthly for the use of the buildings. Unfortunately, the lavatory accommodation left much to be desired. Following much discussion, the committee was instructed to arrange a new lavatory to be constructed, provided that the cost would not exceed £12. There was also mention that a guarantee should be given that there shall be no pollution of a stream, which ran behind the lodge premises.


Prior to the First World War, it was decided that Brethren who have joined the armed forces should be constituted honorary members for the duration of hostilities.


World War II also brought changes and attendance at meetings declined. This was mainly due to petrol shortages due to wartime rationing. Sadly, the Brethren decided that the only course of action was to return the Lodge Warrant in May 1943.  Happily, however, only one year later the Lodge was re-constituted and dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master, the Earl of Wicklow, and afterwards, all 43 Brethren were entertained to lunch at the Portsmouth Arms Hotel.


It was also in 1944 that the Brethren decided to purchase a property of their own. Their desire was eventually realised with the purchase of a premises in Friary Lane. Subsequently, on the 12th May 1958, the building was dedicated as a Masonic Lodge and the first meeting was held.


In 1971 True Blues Lodge No. 935 applied for permission to hold their meetings in the premised of Lodge 270. This was warmly received and both Lodges have used the building peaceably ever since.

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