Prince of Wales Lodge 222

Warrant No. 222 is a number with an interesting and much-travelled history being originally granted in 1763 to a Lodge in Dundalk. Following a period of almost 60 years, the warrant was cancelled and subsequently re-issued to a Lodge in Barbados, West Indies, in 1822. Some 25 years later it was again cancelled and returned to the Grand Lodge of Ireland. However, in 1847, it was once again issued, this time to a number of Irish immigrants in Toronto, Canada, who wished to establish a Lodge under the Irish Constitution to be called King Solomon Lodge No. 222. With the eventual formation of the Grand Lodge of Canada, which was constituted in 1855, Warrant No. 222 once again was returned to Ireland. The Warrant lay dormant until 1870 when on the 4th February 1870 Warrant No. 222 was issued to Thomas North, William N. Vance and Ralph Valentine, to found the Prince of Wales Lodge No. 222, Bray.


There is no information available as to how the title of "Prince of Wales" came to be chosen. It is purely coincidental, though of interest, that the Lodge was to meet for a considerable time at Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray.


For the first 52 years of its existence, the Lodge regularly met in the Assembly Rooms, Bray. During the period November 1922 to March 1924, because of the emergency conditions prevailing at that time, meetings were held in Freemason's Hall, Dublin. The Lodge resumed meetings in Bray in April 1924, this time however in an upstairs room of the Bray Men's Institute, on the Main Street. In 1987, Lodge 222 had to vacate their rooms in Bray, and were kindly offered accommodation in the premises of Emerald Lodge 49, in Greystones.


Lodge 222 has always been proud of its social side, which has been marked with generous hospitality. Ladies nights have been a regular feature as well as a number of other social activities. The Brethren of Lodge 222 are justly proud of the elevation, in 2001, of one of their members, M.W. Bro. Eric Waller, to the position of Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.


Now in its second century, the members of 222 can look back with gratitude to many good Masons who have passed through it and who have contributed to the continued progress of the Lodge. They have set a high standard for those in whose hand the welfare of the Lodge now stands. Lodge 222 looks forward to recruiting many young and energetic members in the future and can face the future with confidence.

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