Emerald Lodge 49

In the year of 1911, a group of Freemasons living in the locality of Greystones, together with friends who were members of Dublin Lodges, came together and decided to apply to Grand Lodge for permission to constitute a new Lodge in Greystones. A petition was made to the Grand Master for a Warrant of Constitution. They also received permission to erect a new Hall, so those regular meetings could take place.


It would appear that many of those Brethren involved in the petition were held in high esteem, since the Warrant then issued was one which had originally been issued to Charleville Lodge No. 49, in the County of Cork, in 1736. The honour of obtaining what was one of the earliest Warrants must indeed have been a great inspiration to the Brethren of Emerald Lodge No. 49, in their early endeavours.


Lodge meetings were originally held in a rented Hall situated near the harbour in Greystones. Unfortunately, the Hall was burnt down in the early 1920's. The members decided that it was time that they had their own premises. Subsequently, a site was acquired from the La Touche estate and the present Hall was built at Hillside Road in 1924. The building has been well maintained and has proved an excellent Masonic centre.


One of the most noteworthy of the founder members was V.W. Bro. Henry J. Sumner, who had forty-eight years unbroken attendance at Lodge meetings. He was possibly one of the most accurate ritualists of Irish Freemasonry.

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