Alexandra Lodge X1

Alexandra Lodge XI, Bray, was formed in 1863, some seven years before the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wicklow and Wexford came into existence. The Lodge was originally part of the metropolitan area, however, on 2nd December 1869, Lodge 116 Carlow was transferred from what was to become the Province of Wicklow and Wexford, and Alexandra Lodge XI was transferred to the Province, in its place.


In 1940, both Alexandra Lodge XI and Prince of Wales Lodge No. 222 celebrated the dedication of their new Lodge room on Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray. It was purely a coincidence that Lodge 222 shared the same name as its new location. After the dedication, an informal concert took place with toasts, songs and "liquid refreshment" being served. The ladies of both Lodges provided teas and sandwiches for this event.


During the succeeding years the Provincial Grand Lodge held occasional meetings in Bray, with special events being held in St Andrews' School and the Parochial Hall.


Sadly, their new home was short lived as by the end of the 1980's Alexandra Lodge XI was again homeless, however Dalkey and Greystones Lodges offered accommodation in their Lodge premises. After much discussion by the Brethren, the offer of Dalkey Lodge was accepted, however only after permission was sought and received from the Provincial Grand Master, as Dalkey Lodge premises is outside the official jurisdiction of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

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